Thomas Savino
CEO, Prospanica


Thomas Savino is the Chief Executive Officer of Prospanica, the nationally recognized and premier nonprofit dedicated to developing Hispanic talent and growing the number of Hispanic professionals represented in industries of America to perpetuate economic growth and corporate competitiveness.

Thomas has an impressive history of advocating for business education and is a respected executive in the Hispanic community. As an expert consultant specializing in performance measurement analysis, knowledge management, and organizational structure, he has collaborated with corporations and national boards throughout the country.

During his time as research analyst and internal consultant for McKinsey & Company, he specialized in the development of global initiatives, later joining TMS Consulting as managing director and also serving on the former National Society of Hispanic MBA’s national board. Thomas has consulted with some of the largest companies in corporate America, including Fortune 100 companies, and his expertise is sought out for keynote speeches, magazine articles, and seminars.

Formerly a 30-year resident of the Bronx, Thomas now lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut with his wife Maria and sons Oliver and Pierce, and continues to advocate for higher level education and professional development for Hispanics.